Pharma Futura SA

Pharma Futura SA is an anonymous Swiss company (S.A.) founded in 1989 by Dr Silvio Folli (MPhA, CHN, PhD) and Mr Pietro Calabro (MphA). Pharma Futura SA used to also include two pharmaceutical drugstores in addition to its existing development and production unit for health food until 2007. At that date, both drugstores were sold.

Pharma Futura SA is active in the field of human nutrition and has as objective to develop, register and distribute food supplements that answer the highest standards of the Swiss law. Different types of functional food supplements have been developed and commercialized for sport performance, weight control and health in general. Currently their products are available in more than 200 selling points across the French speaking part of Switzerland. Over the last years all products have experienced an increasing success thanks to an exceptional quality vs price ratio.

Pharma Futura SA also provides a unique know-how and highly praised technical skills in human nutrition thanks to a solid scientific knowledge and a proven practical experience acquired among the company’s team members. The company can develop, formulate and produce all types of health food with the renowned Swiss quality following clear objective criteria in relation with nutritional supplements. This approach allows the company to structure its entire marketing strategy based on scientific evidence (for more details please verify the following link:

Pharma Futura is also an active company in the production of medicine in small quantities and with magisterial formulations, for which it has obtained the SwissMedic official accreditation. This recognition allows Pharma Futura to distribute medicine on a larger scale whereas a second official accreditation authorizes the company to perform retail trade.

The company has acquired a large experience in the development of medicine used therapeutic hormone replacement therapy and is also active in the production of medicine used for the treatment of senescence (gradual deterioration of function characteristic of most complex biological lifeforms) and related pathologies. It enjoys an excellent reputation as a provider of high quality products and competences to clients such as medical doctors and pharmacists.


Pharma Futura Sa is located on a 3000sqm land between Sion and Sierre in Valais, a highly attractive canton of Switzerland in terms of personal and corporate tax rebates. Sion has its own private airport that allows a direct connection to the world to aircrafts up to A320 or B737 sizes. The production unit of Pharma Futura has a surface of 440sqm and follows the most demanding construction standards currently enforced in Switzerland.